Prada’s World-Wide LED Display Supplier Macropix.

Following a very long selection process, Macropix has been assigned by Prada to install all the LED displays for Prada shops all over the world. The first installation is made in New York at “Miu Miu” fashion store.

Each screen can be indepedently controlled remotely by uploading different content to the content player PCs near each display via internet connection.

Hence Prada marketing directors can access each display from the headquarters and update the screen images and videos as they wish.

Furthermore a custom design has been applied by Macropix to create a special and high impact effect in the store to make sure the clients have a distinguished shopping experience.

Mobilis 2.6mm pixel pitch, light-weight and slim cabinet product has been chosen to be used in the project, because of its customizable size and high resolution.

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