Macropix: Covid free company!

Macropix becomes a Covid-free company!

Health, for us and for everyone, is the most precious asset. For this reason we have installed in strategic points around the company headquarters, AN ACTIVE SANITIZATION SYSTEM, a CE medical device registered at the Italian Ministry of Health and also used in many Italian hospitals, to keep the health of all employees safe and sound. It is an air sanitizer that uses the most advanced purification technologies that do not simply filter the air present in the environment, but uses PCO technology (photocatalytic oxidation), with the production at a high level of concentration of radical ions and hydroxyls, adjustable ozone and electrostatic filtration. PCO technology was developed in the mid-1990s by NASA for the sanitation of environments intended for aerospace missions.

This technology mimics and reproduces what happens in nature through a process called “photocatalysis”.This process, thanks to the combined action of UV rays from the sun, humidity present in the air and some noble metals present in nature, generates oxidizing ions capable of destroying most of the polluting and toxic substances, thus generating a “reaction photochemistry “which allows to destroy pollutants, eliminating over 99.00% of bacteria, molds, fungi, yeasts, pollen and mites. It also inactivates viruses, including Sars-COV2, as certified by Rina Certification Board.
In addition, this technology apart from air also acts on surfaces, fabrics, furnishings of our offices (computers, chairs, desks).

Together with full compliance with the anti Covid -19 protocols and with all security measures, we have made our company a safe environment … for everyone! Welcome to come and visit us at your earliest convenience.

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