Naima: when technology joins beauty

At Naima LED technology unites with beauty.

Product name:

3 behind window LED totems  2.6 mm pixel pitch high brightness (500x2500mm), 6 Aghios (82x24349mm), 19 pcs. pixel pitch 2.6 Mobilis (500x1000mm each), 3 pcs. Mobilis 2.6 for make-up workstations –

Syracuse: 5 behind window LED totems with Laurum 2.6 mm pixel pitch high brightness (500x2500mm), 14 pixel pitch 2.6 Mobilis (500x1000mm), 4 pcs. Mobilis 2.6 (500x1000mm) for make-up workstations

Type of application: shop, perfumeries, behind window, perimetral, make up.
Location: Palermo – Syracuse

NAÏMA SICILIA has been for more than half a century synonymous of charm and seduction. Naima continues to represent the new frontier of wellness and beauty with bright and welcoming retail shop atmosphere. They combine the modern functionality of the creativity with a sober and traditional elegance.

As in the shops of Palermo and Siracusa where Macropix indoor LED technology displays have been added to the store design with their custom shapes – a contribution to making the environment even more dynamic and chic!

The relationship with the customer Naima in fact has arisen from the need to renew the shop fittings also on a digital level. The choice fell on Macropix for the supply of LED displays and related services as well as the reliability and credibility of the company.

Today we have 6 Naima stores all over Italy that chose us for “turnkey” services, post sales and first content management.

For the Syracuse and Palermo projects the concept, studied by a very talented architect Maurizio Favetta, oversaw the fragmentation of the display. Innovative and very impactful concept where 2.6mm pixel pitch is perfect for the application.
Macropix provided the design of the fixing structures, the static certifications, the installation by its expert technical team, and the final testing with the loading of the contents in collaboration with the YesWeDigital advertising agency.

Despite the challenging project delivery deadline, we succeded at respecting the deadline set by the customer. Thanks to impeccable organization of Macropix technical team and hard work to accomplish the requested satisfying result.

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