Led screen and scoreboard in Air Albania Stadium – Tirana

Product name: Signum LS10
Size: 100 m2
Type of application: Stadium
Place: Tirana, Albania

It is the news of the day. All sports magazines talk about it.

Yesterday the national stadium of Albania at Tirana was inaugurated, with Albania vs France football match.
A project “made in Italy” since the beginning as it was entrusted to the architect Marco Casamonti, who worked hard to complete in just 43 years the entire design while maintaining the historic stone façade.

In order to complete the works in the stadium, classified as UEFA 5-star, six thousand people united their labour and contributed in the construction of the venue, an average of five hundred people a day even with shifts at night.

In this context, Macropix, with its expert technical team, has left its mark by installing what has been called by the press “one of the largest LED screens in the world”.

The stadium, which is inspired by a classical theater, with 22,000 seats and three hundred parking spaces, obviously evolved into a comtemporary one thanks to the LED technology. For this installation and the prestigious location we have chosen our Signum LS10 product which is a guarantee of durability, high brightness and fast maintenance in case necessary.

In addition to the complete installation service of the product, Macropix provided the mechanical design of the screen structure and as well as integrating it into stadium’s new updated look that was under construction. In the last phase, the Macropix in-house developed software was introduced to LED controlling system which is dedicated to managing sporting events with different templates, names of players etc. for the scoreboard direction.

Furthermore Macropix supported and provided assistance to venue during the first game held on November 17, 2019.

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