PwC Italy and the Carrara Academy of Bergamo

In Milan, 25 works from the museum’s collection are on display inside the PwC Tower which, for the first time, will be open free of charge to the public in the autumn.

The collaboration path “Together for culture”, signed in recent months, between PwC Italy and the Carrara Academy of Bergamo with a schedule of appointments dedicated to art and architecture at the PwC Tower in Milan has come to life. The collaboration also provides for a schedule of appointments that will start in the coming months (end of November – beginning of December), when the PwC Tower will be open to the public for the first time. For two consecutive weekends it will be possible to enter the architectural work free of charge with the opportunity to go up to the 27th floor, the penultimate.
The program also includes openings of the tower to the public, visits and exhibitions (with the best paintings in the art gallery) which will enrich the program for the coming months

PwC Italia and Accademia Carrara are also working to enrich the program of initiatives, committing themselves so that the common path can include for the autumn, during the period of reorganization and therefore of closure of the Museum, the loan of one of the masterpieces of the Bergamo collection which can be exhibited inside the Tower.

The MacroPiX led walls of very particular shapes and sizes act as a support. Once again an example of how art and technology can give life to extraordinary events.

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