Mkers Gaming House – Roma

The first gaming house in the capital has opened one block from the Circus Maximus – Rome

The most important Egaming company in the world resides in ROME: Mkers Gaming House Powered by Mercedes-Benz.

The structure is located in the center of the capital between the Imperial Forums, the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus, with the clear intention of being philosophically linked to the place where the games originated in ancient times. A place tailor-made for team players which, exactly as is the case for companies belonging to traditional sports, combines the best infrastructures made available to players with all the technologies necessary for the creation of original content, positioning itself as a real Media center.

Internally, the Gaming House has been treated in every single detail of the furniture where MacroPiX LED screens have been inserted:
– 1 3 m2 led wall located in the Bootcamp where coaches can devise the best strategies and explain in detail all the tactics studied for the teams,
– 1 banner almost 10 meters long located in the Sim-Racing Room, an area where the e-racing team can train for the official races, using the team’s official driving simulator.

Both displays will be managed by a dedicated MacroPix Ultra DVI 2000 electronics.

A unique project in Italy in which MacroPiX had the honor of participating!