Curved LED screens for Scan Tv – Albania

Scan Tv, an Albanian private television broadcaster, digitizes its television studios with MacroPiX

Scan TV is the only media completely focused on business, economic and financial news. Renewed in scope and quality, Scan TV’s mission is to inform the public in real time in all Albanian-speaking territories and beyond. With innovations that allow access to all categories of audience, Scan TV is a reliable source of information for viewers but also for other media outlets that are not focused or specialized in dealing with business-financial news and topics. News, reports, specials, insights, debates, information programs will be your compass on the economy and finance.

Scan Tv, a few months ago has included several square meters of LED walls in its studios to make its services even more engaging. Led screens by MacroPiX where once again Made in Italy makes the difference!

scan tv albania

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