3D video on the LED Walls by MacroPiX in Rome and Milan

3D videos are launched on LED walls by MacroPix in Rome and Milan, presenting an anamorphic corporate file, the last frontier of DOOH communication.


All the innovations in the LED Wall business are for us the object of careful and detailed analysis and among the latest innovations in the sector we warmly welcome the creation of visual contents with “3D Effects”.

MacroPix has worked on developing high media impact 3D DOOH content and systems, starting with the development of a 3D institutional film, matching it to with energy saving software – Ekoled.

The technical features of each and every LED screen must be adequate for the required performance in terms of Refresh Rate, Black Level, Color and White Uniformity, Color Temperature, a very High Number of Color Shades, Super High Contrast and Great Modularity both in the shade and in the sunlight, as much as possible; the ability to generate a lot of brightness without absorbing too much electrical power makes that screen the “champion” of the category.

These are the brand new LED walls by MacroPix with High Energy Efficiency, that let you save an average of 30% in the electricity bill without affecting full visibility and amazing visual effects.

3D contents, top visual performance, and High Energy Efficiency (E E E) are our 3 keywords of the present and the future.

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